DODGE 300 


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The MK 300 was developed in part because many Funeral Coach Dealers and Funeral Directors have ask for a Funeral Coach that is traditional in its styling but priced to make sense for today’s Funeral Director. 

The MK 300 is priced at a little over half the cost of today’s Funeral Coaches but you compromise nothing! Its styling is Traditional and Beautiful inside and out. It carries a full size casket and air tray, its casket compartment is wider than those in most other coachers at twice the cost. Our Coach carries a full factory warranty along with our company conversion warranty that matches in length of time the OEM factory warranty. A very important issue to keep in mine when purchasing a new coach is how it is built.

After 30 years building funeral coaches I am very sure of one thing, the best engineers in designing and building a funeral coach is the OEM factory engineers. Today’s cars are almost trouble free for over 100,000 miles. It was my goal in designing the MK 300 to change or alter as little as possible on the original chassis. I did not want to cut the chassis in two; this would lead to cutting the brake lines, gas lines, electrical harness, frame or uni-body, and we would need to design and manufacture new side doors along with many other parts. I am very please to state that the MK 300 is built on a heavy duty chassis that was designed for 7 passengers plus cargo. This is more than enough capacity to carry the driver, passenger, and casket that we designed the coach to carry. We do NOT cut the frame, brake lines, gas lines, and electrical harness in hope to deliver to our customer the most dependable, trouble free coach on the market. I am very confident we do!

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